2017 half yearly update

The first half of 2017 has been a good year for most equities investor investing in Singapore market, with a 11+% returns for the STI, which also has a 3.35% dividend yield.

My portfolio has a rough returns of 24+% currently, fluctuating between 16-24% for the past few months, nevertheless it has been a good first half so far.

The portfolio continued to be a concentrated one, with less than 10 companies in it, with the biggest position at 25% for a single company.

I have not sold a single company yet, and have purchased stocks of 2 new companies and added position into one, which all have fulfilled the stringent criteria of value investing.

Some of my key wins so far, for the year are Sunright(NCAV), Multichem(NCAV), with Sunright being the greatest at close to 100% gain for the year, and a 200% returns since purchased in early 2016.

Collected dividend yield stand at 1.88%, with more to be collected for the second half, which is pretty impressive, for one portfolio that is not emphasize on dividends.

Companies in Singapore that fulfilled the NCAV criterias are becoming lesser, and cash position continued to be hoarding up the portfolio, with 40% in cash in 2016 and slowly lessening to 20% in cash currently.

I will continue to keep a lookout with a few minor screening before the release of next quarter results.

Till then.

Wishing all a great year ahead, and stay invested always.



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