Happy to be alive

It’s strange, and i wonder if anyone feels the same as me sometimes.

Suddenly you just feel happy to be alive for no particular reason.

Maybe it’s because that i just exercised, so endorphin is being released in the brain. Perhaps it’s because i just finished housework and i feel really productive, or perhaps it’s because my business just clinched a deal that would make my work year a stable one,  one that is less stressful.

So after all these reasons, it seems like my happiness is not a random occurrence, but one of which is made up of various reasons put together.

And sorrow is the same too.

It has been some time since i last blogged, yet life continue to plod on relentlessly imo. Afterall time wait for no one.

The path to wisdom is a self fulfilling one, once you started on it, your self consciousness will lead you forward, and the pace doesn’t really matters.

A little more wisdom results in you being a little more foolish. You might gained more sorrow than ever, helplessness maybe, but yet as you plod on, you will encounter genuine happiness from sorrow.


And this kind of happiness is very different from the kind that you get from materialistic kind. Both kinds are perhaps essential to life, and as i always wonder, there is no right or wrong. Human are creature of comforts, we are social animal too, and with the advancement of technology and the boom of social media, the emphasis is back to oneself again, and so we have selfie, wefie, we have online friends, followers, fans, and one whom have many of those are a.k.a social influencer.

For real happiness, the strength has to come from within, anything that is from externally will diminish over time, and will also require a higher upkeep & maintenance.

Life has always been kind to me, and for that i am extremely grateful. I don’t really know the direction of this blog anymore really, i still love finance, and it continue to be an essential part of my life and my retirement, hopefully i can reached semi-retirement earlier and longer, one which i can be more selective of jobs and yet never have to worry about life and its expenses.

For investing, value investing continues to lead the way with good returns, and one that i can sleep well in night or day, never really worrying much about it. So far this method has beat STI returns from the start of my journey. And it has been a good year so far, as a rising tide lifts all boats.

One thing that is very sad though, Lantrovision an extremely good company brought at an extremely good price has officially delisted today, which i just realised. (Silly me for not keeping track of dates, or perhaps its just the charm of value investing)

With that its almost like the closing of an era, which is the start of my value investing journey, although its still considered a really short one (3 years) All that is left from the first year is PNE Industries which continues to give out generous dividends, its almost like a company that will be retiring soon, and it’s busy unlocking its value for all shareholders, with a whopping 5 cents that will be paid out by today. PNE has been my first multi-bagger.

Every 3 months or so, i will screen stocks using google stock screener with an emphasis on NCAV stocks, with low psr, reasonable pe ratio, and some other criterias which can make me sieve out that few potential stocks faster.

With Singapore stock market dropping quite low at the start of the year, i remembered Peter Cundill Magic Sixes, and i tried to see if i can find any in the Singapore market using again my beloved Google stock screener, and lo behold, i managed to find one which fits my value investing criterias too. It has given me 20% unrealised profits in 4 months of holding.

And thus life continue to be kind to me, and i am on track to my 30 years stock/value investing journey.

And as always, i hope to see all of you more often along the journey of life, knowing that towards the end we have all managed to finish the journey of life at our own pace.








放下执着, 虽然会发现到头来只是一场空。








A new home, a new life.

I just barely settled down into my new routine, waking up in a new home, and as i am writing this post, i just finished the housework.

8th of August 2015, on that eventful day, we officially moved into our new home, a BTO unit which we waited close to 6 years. From attached to engaged, then to married, from without kids to having a child of our own, my career progressed from an employee to a self-employed.
And in between, i experienced some of life greatest joy and greatest sorrow.

It seems that i experienced happiness from a day of productive labour work. It is during the mundane housework that i am also able to derive great clarity from my thoughts.

Work has been smooth and uneventful, and as usual, uncertainties loom over the business revenue in the first half of the year, i am glad that the uncertainties dispersed in the month of may due to a good and stable revenue, and i am able to spend more thoughts on Life.

I experienced a few firsts in life this year, some good and some bad. And in life, the only constant is change.

In the path of wisdom, it is often a few steps forward and a few steps backward, and it is hard to tell, until it shall be revealed.

There are a few things i have done well in life, many which i have fared badly, and many many more which i have not experienced.

In life, we experienced many kind of happiness and sorrow. There are no right or wrong, but there might be different degree of experiences.

Counting our blessing lets us know how fortunate we are.

My greatest bliss is having a companion by my side, my wife.

My greatest joy is the birth of my daughter.

Life could take them away in a blink of an eye, and even though cruel, it teaches me to cherish them even more. To live in the moment and not take things for granted.

I used to have many wants, and it has diminishes over the years.

Life is quite simple now, and it revolves pretty much around family.


My world

It’s colour tones in shades of grey, not because my world is filled with sadness, to tell the truth, it is far from sadness, it is blessed. However the mind is lost at the moment, wandering in search of something, something that not even the owner of the mind knows what it is.

In the path towards wisdom and enlightenment, one has to go through many trials, there are many things that you think you know more than others, the enhanced clarity that set you apart, and it is this space apart that is wonderfully sad. I have realised that in actual fact, what i know is only the tip of the iceberg, and what i have seen, what i have heard, what i have feel, it is not even a tiny bit as scary as what i have not seen, have not heard and what i do not know. And yet just this little bit is too much for a human soul, mind and heart.

I owe an explanation to readers who have gotten to know this blog as a finance blog. I have moved on, and this blog will cease as a finance blog. That short period of time was beautiful, it was the first time that i took control of my life, and through value investing, it has offered much clarity to my life. This period will set the foundation for the future path.

I think my personality is tuned to the margin of safety, and as long as i take care of the downside, i will not have much issues with money. And so i am safe and out i go.

Back to the colours of my world. Grey it seems like a dull and muted colour, it is more like a colour that is not a representation of happiness, yet it does not fall into the sorrow category. Just like shadow walker, who walked in between light and darkness,

Events in your life shape your life, some people are luckier, and some not so. For me i feel blessed, there are some things in life that are “pre-set”,you will not have any control over stuffs like; the country you were born in, the family that you were born in, your race, and your body and all its associated functions which you were given.

Some people was dealt with a bad hand of cards, yet they did wonderfully well with their life, and vice versa, some people threw away whatever good cards they were given.

For me i know that i am blessed, as it would have been much worse.

I can think of a thousand and one hardships that would broke me apart, and i would never return to sanity. Maybe i will, but it is just too hard to even visualise going through it mentally. Yet some people have went through what we cannot even imagined and lived on.

And thus my world now is in grayscale mode, i have time to ponder over life and it has resulted in calmness and at least i have started embarking on the path to my inner peace. But yet all these raw data without arranging and the correct application, i am quite lost.

From this moment onwards, this blog will be one man view of life. It will be sometimes biased, most of the time foolish, occasionally critical and everytime drifting apart from what the topic implies.

From last year onwards i have been brain-washing myself that i am in auto-pilot mode. But suddenly i realised that maybe the auto-pilot function that is embedded in each and every one of us is quite beautiful. When we are hungry we eat, thirsty we drink, tired we sleep and when it is time to go toilet, then we will go.

Nothing bad about it, at least i have a rooftop over my head, a bed that i can lie on, i have the ability to earn money to buy food, and my house is automatically connected to electricity and clean drinking water as long as i continue to pay the bills. my toilet comes with toilet bowl, nice tiles and basin, there is even a small window for ventilation purposes.

What if auto pilot mode is the happiness that many are seeking for?